We are prose first, plot second, but we need both. Give us a slice of the sublimely strange. We want the eerie, the weird, the beautiful. We're interested in the body and its grotesqueries, the brain and its tricks. We want stories that don't clearly belong to any one genre, stories that will get our hands dirty, stories that expose the worms crawling under the rock.

A partial list of influences:
Shirley Jackson, Bruno Schulz, Franz Kafka, Flannery O'Connor, Margaret Atwood, Kelly Link, Amelia Gray, etc.

Submission Guidelines:
       We publish in April, August, and December. Our reading time is year-round, but please only submit one story (3,000 words max) or up to three flash pieces (1,000 words max) per issue. To submit, send your work as a PDF or .doc file to shirleylitmag@gmail.com. We accept simultaneous submissions but not previously published works. Unfortunately, we cannot pay contributors at this time. 
       We read and accept submissions from everyone, but we encourage women and nonbinary writers and writers of color to submit their work to us. Our tenth issue will be published in April, 2018. 

Colleen Burner & Lauren Perez